Me to Me transfers

Transfer money between your accounts easily.

What is it?

Me-to-Me transfer is an online banking feature which allows members to send and receive funds between their accounts at Noventis and accounts they have at other Canadian financial institutions. (These transfers are allowed in Canadian funds only).

Conveniently, members can set up daily, weekly, monthly or yearly automatic transfers.

Me-to-Me transfers are subject to holds at the discretion of each financial institution, so it is best to plan ahead for any holds which may occur.

How to register

Before you can start to transfer between accounts, you will need to fill out the Me-To-Me transfer form.

Follow the instructions on the form, providing account information, a personalized cheque from your other financial institution and your authorization;

Mail or drop off your signed authorization form and voided personalized cheque to your Noventis branch;

Noventis will verify the proof of account and set up the link to your external account;

Once the Me-to-Me link is established you will be able to transfer to and from your external account in the transfer funds page found in online banking.

How fast is money transferred?

Using Me-to-Me transfer, money may be transferred immediately, depending on the financial institution.  Members should speak with both Noventis and the other financial institution in regards to their holds policy.


Me-to-Me transfers are limited to a maximum of $100,000 per month. Multiple transactions may be done in a single day, dependant on your individual limits. Please contact your branch to determine what your limits are set to.


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