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Executor EASE is a program designed to assist executors in fulfilling their duties when administering an estate. It is an affordable menu-based program offered through our partner estate administration experts at Concentra Trust.

As an executor you may need assistance with several or just one element of the estate administration. Executor EASE allows you flexibility in choosing only those services that you need help with. Services in the Executor EASE program are charged on an hourly basis and not as a percentage of the probatable assets. 

Noventis can arrange a no cost, no obligation consultation with an Executor  EASE specialist for members or non-members who are currently serving as an executor. 

Who is Concentra Trust?

Concentra Trust, a wholly owned subsidiary of Concentra Bank, is Noventis Credit Union's partnered trust company. Concentra has been delivering personal trust services and estate administration to credit union members for more than 65 years. To learn more about Concentra, visit their website at www.concentra.ca

What is Executor EASE?

Executor EASE is a flexible, affordable solution that allows executors to choose as much assistance as they need. It begins with a no-cost, no-obligation consultation with a trust specialist. Once the trust specialist better understands the complexities and needs of the estate, appropriate solutions tailored to that estate are offered. The executor can select the services they require whether they need help preparing the probate application or more comprehensive assistance with all of their executor duties.

How will Executor EASE benefit you?

If you don’t have the time, experience or desire to perform any one or several of the tasks associated with settling an estate, Executor EASE will benefit you. Services in our Executor EASE program are charged on an hourly basis versus a percentage of the probatable assets.  The competitively-priced hourly rate has been set so executors can compare our costs to other service providers. Concentra can help as little or as much as is needed.  

How to connect with Executor EASE: 

There are a number of ways to contact - or get more information on - Executor EASE.
Visit any Noventis branch to receive a brochure or to arrange a no cost, no obligation consultation with an Executor EASE specialist

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