Business loans

Keeping your business competitive.

Meet your operation’s needs with our flexible and efficient products and services. With convenient, easy access at our full service branches and through our online and mobile banking applications, we take the work out of managing your daily finances.

Equipment loans Expand/Collapse

Amortizations are tailored to the type of equipment being purchased. 

Noventis offers variable or fixed-rate loans and mortgages to finance any purchase for your farm or business. We will tailor the financing to fit your needs. Operating loans and lines of credit are available to assist with daily cash flow requirements. Customized leasing options are available for equipment acquisitions and some buildings. 

Cattle loans Expand/Collapse

Available for the purchase of breeding or feeder livestock, or advances on owned cattle.

Quota loans Expand/Collapse

Available for the purchase of dairy, poultry or fishing quotas.

Operating loans Expand/Collapse

Variable rate accommodations to assist with operating requirements and daily cash flow management.


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