Social media and prize scams

Listen to your voice of reason.

If a post from your credit union, bank, credit card provider, the government or anyone else prompts you to change your credentials and/or provide credit card information, it's a scam!

We never enter our members into random draws without their consent. The only times we will contact a member about winning a prize are:
  1. When they have taken our online, in-branch or phone Member Experience Survey and been drawn as our monthly winner
  2. When they have won an in-branch or event contest for which they filled out a ballot by hand, or
  3. When they have won a public social media contest online

When you take the Member Experience Survey, we will ask you if you would like your name entered into our monthly draw. If you accept, your name will go into a random draw at the beginning of the following month. The prize available is always mentioned at the beginning of the survey, and winners will be contacted by phone (kept on file) if and when they win.

When you enter an in-branch or event contest, we will ask you to fill out your name and give us your preferred method of contact (phone number or email). We will only contact you via that method, and will never ask for any of your private information when we call.

When you enter one of our online contests on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter, we will always ask people to enter said contest by commenting directly on the post. If you are the lucky random winner, we will reply to your comment and let you know publickly, and also send you a direct message with a way for you to contact us.

If you are selected as a winner, we will ALWAYS:
  • provide you with an email or phone number so you can contact us to arrange prize pickup
  • inform you of how you had entered the contest, and
  • treat any contact information you give us in accordance with CASL and our privacy policy
If you are selected as a winner, we will NEVER:
  • ask you for your account number
  • ask you for your Personal Identification Number (PIN), Social Insurance Number (SIN) or any credit card information
  • ask you to change any of your login credentials with us, or
  • ask you to click on a link to claim your prize

If you receive something from us which makes you question its authenticity, please contact us by phone at 1-844-826-6500, or by email at

Click here for more information about online fraud from the Government of Canada.

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