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Phishing scams

Recent phishing scams underscore importance of remaining vigilant

Email phishing scams are nothing new — fraudsters have been trying to trick unsuspecting victims into clicking on links that install malware on their computers for years now.

However, the volume of phishing attacks just continues to increase year after year. In fact, the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG), a global anti-cybercrime organization, recently reported that in 2016 alone they counted more than 1.2 million different phishing attacks, up 65 per cent from 2015.

What's more, despite increased consumer education about the dangers of phishing, the tactic continues to fool many users. Even tech industry giants Google and Facebook were recently victimized by phishing attacks, proving no matter how tech-savvy we may be it's important to remain vigilant.

Think twice about any email or text message that asks you to submit personal or financial information. Hover your cursor over a link to confirm the URL matches the purported sender before clicking on anything. Finally, err on the side of caution when you receive unsolicited emails.

For a wealth of good advice on how to protect yourself frmo phishing scams, visit The Government of Canada site